Tuesday, November 22, 2011

facebook finally released my blog

when i linked my blog to facebook it seemed like a good idea.
there is a cushion with this little blog that would go rather unnoticed, much like myself at a party, which is my most comfortable state. a state of genial invisibility. these tap dance patterns of words keyed into the ionosphere. we are waves, data flying through the air, through us, daily

maybe wifi fucks with the magnetic poles, causing this orb to shift from it's naturally occurring pattern
...maybe it's naturally occurring pattern is fire and ice
and we don't work that well like that...

time to join the men in grey

"so, i was talking about facebook and here we are either dooming
or managing the orb upon which we reside."

but we do not know what we do
as a species
we are dumb

she's sensitive to emfs
a lightbulb causes her distress
(this is still on point)
- snake that i am -
my life revolves around hers

and i call that commitment
(like furniture i am familiar)

- drinking again, smoking again -
"can one be happy all the time?"
because i am rarely

i have known fear
and it is alone
although i've been alone most of my life
but it was dying alone
that shook me

winds chatter round my trenchcoat
little stick in a blanket - a scarecrow

head of straw with the smoke blowing through

i've been lucky in my life to have not found junk
i'd be dead by now

tha hardhat brigade:
the grey men offer jobs
building spaceships
"3 squares a day
your own private cell
and a calculmate."

prosper breed produce
(piggies for the chute)


ljr said...

that's pretty good

have always been a fan of truthfulness

as long as we don't take it too seriously

song of the selkie said...

wow... furniture, really? i guess i should be careful where i'm sitting then, ahem ;P pretty dark herr gregg... in contrast to what i've written about you so i think your version of the truth is a little grayer than most.

bearing that in mind please accept the sparkly pegasus poo of magical qualities that i bestow upon your frugal rain cloud here... it's tastes like snicker doodles and will give you flying dreams <3

you will not find gogo rainbow candy land until you swallow some bitters, no one can be held responsible for your happiness OR your sadness but those who love you will always try and give a you a little nudge in the right direction.

"a woman knows when love is gone... men keep trying to pick it up again like a bone."

~ dylan thomas