Friday, February 27, 2009

night night kryptonite (you know who you are)

i know you're reading this.
i feel the tingle of your eyes up my spine.

is a hipster mantra
lightly used by the rolling freakers
to pronounce agreement
in four syllables

have i seen it happen
so often
so soon

borrowed and maligned
by self-styled postbeats
affecting a worldwise masquerade

it is an epicenter drop
radiating silently
might be making hurricanes
in this deep ocean bed

is a very good album
by a talented trio of the twentieth century

it is a conspiracy
of faerie
with silicon wings
and microwave whispers
bearing pixels emboldened
with your eyes
to mine

i almost see our hands
reaching for the same thing
at the same time

02/08/09 9:36pm

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ljr said...

effort makes us tricky